NIG - Network for Italian Genomes

The NIG fosters genetics and genomics research in broad sense with special reference to Italian population. The primary aim of the NIG is to define an Italian Reference Genome for the identification of:

Creation of a shared database (NIG-db) containing data from nucleic acids sequencing of Italian subjects. NIG-db will only publish aggregate variant frequencies from a pool of data provided by the submitters.

NIG-ExIT - Exomes from Italy

The Exomes from Italy (ExIT) database contains genotypic frequencies aggregated from the whole-exome sequencing variation of 1686 healthy Italian controls with well-characterized ancestry. We provide macro-area frequencies for the NORTH, CENTER, SOUTH of Italy and SARDINIA. Moreover, additional frequencies of a subset of each macro-area, marked with the GP4 suffix in the search, are available. They only include individuals in a macro-area when it is the shared birthplace of all four grandparents.

Data usage

All data reported in this repository are released openly. We only request you to kindly acknowledge the NIG group in your publication.